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Laughing gas Amsterdam : Have laughing gas delivered to Amsterdam quickly? We deliver laughing gas Amsterdam within 30 minutes, we do this 24/7. We offer the best prices and guarantee the fastest delivery even when it is night. Ordering laughing gas Amsterdam and to deliver it is very easy, call us and place your order. It is also possible to place your order through WhatsApp. We deliver everything to make a laughing gas balloon quickly and easily. Whipped cream dispenser, cream chargers, Laughing gas tank, Balloons.

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Lachgas fles / tank

Lachgas fles Amsterdam 2kg


Lachgas patronen

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Lachgas fles / tank

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Lachgas patronen

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How to order laughing gas Amsterdam?

1. Choose from our selection
2. Place your order ➨ +316 1002 3353
3. Laughing gas Amsterdam comes to you
4. We will deliver your order within 30 minutes
5. Pay to the courier with PIN or cash

Laughing gas delivery Amsterdam

We are the best and fastest laughing gas courier in the whole of Amsterdam. We always come to you and it does not matter whether it is deep in the night or in the afternoon. If you order now you will receive free balloons with the order you place. And what is also an advantage of us is that we do not charge delivery costs.

Delivery of laughing gas in Amsterdam is possible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We deliver the products directly from our own stock, so that we can quickly provide you with laughing gas and all accessories that come with it. Delivery of laughing gas is only possible if you are 18 years or older.
Placing an order is very easy. Call us, you will speak directly with the courier, pass on the products you want to order and we will come to you immediately. It is also possible to place your order through WhatsApp, for example, if you are staying in a hotel and the street name is unknown, you can share your location with the courier.
To make a balloon you need some tools such as a whipped cream dispenser or a cracker. We offer this at competitive prices and you can order it directly. On our website you will find various videos with manuals to fill a balloon with laughing gas.

Best quality 

The laughing gas that we deliver and sell is of the highest quality. We only deliver nitrous oxide from the well-known brands that are known for their quality and purity. Our laughing gas cartridges are standard packed in boxes of 50 pieces with a content of 8 grams of pure laughing gas.

What is a laughing gas tank

The laughing gas tank is the easiest way to use laughing gas. Due to the constant pressure in the tank, it is possible to fill balloons one after the other without accessories. With 1 kg of laughing gas you can fill around 110 to 125 balloons and is therefore a lot cheaper than using laughing gas cartridges. The 2 biggest advantages of a laughing gas tank are that you no longer need a whipped cream dispenser and no longer suffer from empty laughing gas cartridges on the ground.
When you order a laughing gas tank, keep in mind that there is a deposit on the tank. For the 2 kg tank this is € 50 and for the 4 kg this is € 100. We come to collect the tank free of charge after use and then return the full deposit amount.

What is laughing gas and how do I use it?

Laughing gas consists of di-nitrogen monoxide (n20), this gas is odorless and colorless. The most common laughing gas is that from the whipped cream cartridges, at parties you sometimes see large tanks or cylinders. The gas is injected into a balloon, then the balloon is breathed in and out. Laughing gas from whipped cream cartridges is used as propellant gas to make whipped cream with a whipped cream dispenser. Laughing gas is originally an anesthetic that is used in hospitals as a short painkiller. After inhaling and exhaling the filled balloon with laughing gas, a short space of approximately 1 minute is created.

Making a balloon with a cracker.

Never use laughing gas directly from a tank or whipped cream dispenser / cracker without a balloon. It is possible that your lungs will freeze and damage your body. The gas is below zero degrees.

Making a balloon with a whipped cream dispenser.